Friend Raiser Campaign

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It is quite simple. We need to be in touch with many more people across Colorado and the Lundberg Report email is the best way to make it happen. 

The Lundberg Report is the brief newsletter we send out every week (and more often if the news demands it). This is a short description of the important issues at the state capitol, some national issues and updates on my state treasurer campaign.

 Invite your friends to subscribe to the free Lundberg Report. It is the best way to quickly build the team we will need to build a strong political force for conservative principles in Colorado. 

 Send them an email, post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Some suggested wording for these messages are listed below.

 Do what you can to help us spread the word!

Here are suggested sample messages you can send to your friends. Help us make our Friend Raiser campaign a big success in expanding the reach of the Lundberg Report.


For a text message:

Check out this great way to keep in touch with Kevin Lundberg’s campaign for Treasurer and get reports on the Colorado State Legislature! Go to


For email:

Dear (name),

I invite you to check out this great way to get a lot of good information about the Colorado Legislature. Senator Kevin Lundberg has been publishing the Lundberg Report for many years. It is a brief page containing the important issues from the Capitol for the current week.

He keeps it short and concise, listing the topics at the top of the page, he gives a brief description of each in the body and, when needed, links for more information. He is also running for State Treasurer and provides interesting updates from the campaign trail.

I have found these reports to be a good way to keep up with the political issues in our state. Please go to his website at and sign up for the free Lundberg Report.



(Your Name)


For Facebook:

Here is a message that Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg has sent out that I am passing on for your consideration:

Dear Friends,

I spend a great deal of my political work in keeping you up to date with the important political issues here in Colorado. If you are like most people, you don’t have much time to follow all the news and sort through all the stories for the important nuggets of information that affect us all.

That is why I do my best to put this information into the Lundberg Report. It is a brief email newsletter with concise stories on the issues of the week and updates on my campaign trail for State Treasurer of Colorado.

Please help me get this vital information out to the people of Colorado in two ways. First: if you do not receive the Lundberg Report sign up for this free report by going to my website, Second: please share this with your friends on Facebook. I rarely ask for anything to be shared (though often many do share my posts with others). However, for this special message I need your help.

Let’s spread the word all across Colorado! Share this post with your friends and watch this multiply to thousands across our State.

-Kevin Lundberg 

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