Has the Presidential Election Been Stolen?

I try to not be sensational but I also do not shy away from reporting the facts. For the past several weeks I have given an overview of the growing evidence of significant election problems, particularly in the six states that Trump held leads in on election night, but then they all flipped. Of course, here on Facebook most of my posts have been shadow banned by their censors.

On December 21, 2020, the Colorado Legislative Audit Committee held an extraordinary eight hour hearing examining election integrity in Colorado. The news reports declared the hearing found no evidence of voter fraud in Colorado. However, they were not listening very carefully. Some indeed claimed there was nothing wrong and we are the “gold standard” of elections. This chorus included all of the Democrat members of the committee and most county clerks and other past election officials. However, when the technical experts and election watchdogs, who dig deeper into the details spoke, many troubling facts came out.

It is a daunting task to unravel a hearing that lasted more than eight hours for this brief report, so I cannot give everything said right here. One thing was pointed out very clearly by a systems analyst who is familiar with military standards for cybersecurity. The Dominion system, which most of Colorado uses (62 counties and the Secretary of State), has never been adequately tested for security from outside manipulation. At one point he said: “If you don’t actively defend it the adversary will own it.”

He pointed out that the military does not even allow foreign computer chips in their most sensitive equipment over concerns of embedded back doors for controlling the systems, which could even include embedded radio receivers at the chip set level. Colorado has never put the Dominion system through a rigorous examination that would rule out these bizarre possibilities, let alone an ongoing defense of the integrity of the system. Dominion, as I have previously reported, has a murky past and today refuses to be fully transparent with their public voting systems. They should not be trusted, they should be tested.
However, Colorado is not the real question. The question lies with the “swing” states that seemed to be flipped. Here is the report I want you to read that summarizes much of what we know today:…/The-Immaculate-Deception….

In answer to my original question, after all that I have learned in the last six weeks, if Biden is inaugurated President the election will have been stolen. Brazenly stolen right before our eyes with the courts, Congress, state legislatures and the deep state either timidly allowing or overtly promoting the biggest heist in the history of our nation.

May God have mercy on us all.

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