Will freedom be lost on our watch?
The 2020 Presidential election was a disaster that must be fixed before it destroys the Republic. The courts have refused to look at the facts, but state legislative hearings have looked far enough to uncover the vast corruption that flipped the results of the vote and tens of millions of American citizens know it.

When I first heard that the U. S. Supreme Court’s timeline for proceeding with President Trump’s suit against the state of Pennsylvania stretches way beyond Inauguration Day, words like cowardly, unbelievable, inexcusable, incompetent, impotent, irresponsible, reckless and inconceivable came to mind. The Court is obviously dodging this critical issue, which should not, and ultimately cannot be ignored. As the Supreme Court of the land, they must take on the hard cases that demand resolution. Instead this court is trying to run and hide.

If there is any silver lining to this awful scenario, I wonder if the Court isn’t inadvertently realigning their position among the branches of government to a lesser role than the other branches and levels of government. I doubt if they are expecting this outcome, but if they are incapable of settling a legitimate complaint between individual states, as when they refused to hear the State of Texas complaint, or consider in a timely manner the suit presented by the sitting President of the United States, they have utterly failed to do their job.

It has been our legal tradition to rely on the courts to settle all disputes. The Constitution does not specifically authorize this ultimate authority, but that has been our practice. A more careful reading of the U. S. Constitution shows a division of that authority, with the people holding the ultimate authority, which is most directly transferred to civil government through their elected representatives in the U. S. Congress and their respective state legislatures (see Articles I, III and the Tenth Amendment).

When I was in the Colorado legislature it always troubled me that we never seriously questioned judicial decrees. We didn’t treat them as an equal branch, we treated them as kings and queens. Their word was law. Maybe now we can see them more clearly.

We are a constitutional republic. We are not ruled by kings and queens, even if they are in black robes. Now that the highest court has abandoned any semblance of justice for these really big questions, it is time for Congress to show some backbone and put off declaring a winner in the Presidential race until the significant questions of that election’s validity are firmly answered.

It is also time for state legislatures to shoulder their very real responsibility to govern. In this case it is to exercise their Constitutional duty to deliver valid electoral votes to Congress and stop playing the game of the Deep State with their current charade, operating under the color of non-constitutional statutory deadlines. They also must throw off the shackles of any governor who somehow holds them back from meeting as the elected legislature of their state.

This republic is at a critical point in history. As President Reagan reminded us, just about one generation ago: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Will freedom be lost on our watch?

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