A Republic, If You Can Keep It.

Much has been said from a dozen different perspectives on the dramatic developments we are seeing unfold in Washington. Rather than review most of this I will simply point out what I think is of paramount importance and admit that I don’t yet know all of the facts of all that has transpired in this first full week in January.

I do advise all of us to be very careful in analyzing what we hear and not jump to any conclusions without carefully sifting out the true facts  from the fiction.

My concern is still focused on the massive election fraud that has been uncovered by literally hundreds of eyewitnesses. Anyone who categorically says there is no evidence that the election fraud actually stole the election, be they a local blogger or the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, is either ignorant of the facts or not willing to speak the truth.

This evidence of fraud needs to be meticulously examined, something no court of law has attempted and Congress has refused to honestly face. If there is nothing to be found, we should expect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to be the most anxious to get this done. They are, instead, the first in line to deny any reason to look into this significant problem.

But, hey, government isn’t perfect, why should we expect elections to have a high degree of certainty? Why? Because this is a constitutional republic. The essential point of a republic is the people select their leaders. If the people’s vote can in any meaningful way be corrupted we are no longer a republic. It has become a dictatorship, or oligarchy, or some other form of centralized tyranny. A republic, which the Constitution guarantees for every state in the Union, cannot exist if the election system is rigged.

The most unconstitutional and un-American actions I have seen in these past few days are those that frustrate, or deny, or in any way try to ignore the ugly truth that there is a high probability that the presidential election was stolen from it’s rightful owners, the people of the United States of America.

Most everything else we are seeing is political theater, including the feigned, righteous indignation over the breach of the Capitol building. It was wrong for anyone to break into the building and disrupt the national legislature. But where were these “leaders” when Colorado’s capitol building was repeatedly vandalized during the legislative session, for weeks on end? Their claims of outrage for a disruption of a few hours in the nation’s capitol rings hollow in my ears.

Job one is still clean up the elections or our constitutional republic ceases to be a republic at all.

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