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We have serious issues with our election systems which must be addressed. Anyone who insists there is not enough evidence hasn’t been paying attention, or maybe they are a part of the problem! Toward that end I have complied a list of resources for this vital subject which I urge all to check out. It can be found by clicking here.

Yes, that is what it amounts to for the clerk and her assistant in Mesa County. The local district attorney got a grand jury to indict both of these public servants with a long list of felony charges because they have been doing their best to protect the election records from the 2020 election. They were arrested and put in jail this past week. 

I have followed the situation in Mesa county quite closely and I am extremely frustrated with the political witch hunt that has been instigated by far too many elected officials, on both sides of the aisle. As an advocate for election integrity I see very little integrity coming from those who assure us that there is nothing to be concerned about, but then refuse to allow any serious investigation into the many irregularities that have occurred here in Colorado, and across the nation.
The only way we will get past the current distrust of our election systems is to prove their veracity, or effect the changes necessary to make them trustworthy. To deny this obvious problem is to become a part of the problem.

The charges, the bail that was set, and all of the other things that they have thrown against Tina and her supporters for many months are way out of proportion. This is political retribution in its ugliest form. If anyone thinks these heavy handed (and flimsy) charges will settle the issue, they are very mistaken. Tina and her supporters are now more committed than ever to fix the election corruption that is becoming more evident with every action the system takes against those who are genuinely trying to clean up our elections.

I am sure I will be reporting on further developments in this unwarranted political attack of a candidate for Secretary of State, but for now read Tina’s response on her website here.

The big story in the legislature this week was not dealing with any bills. It was two virtually identical resolutions (HR-1004 and SM-001) in the House and Senate concerning election integrity (or the lack thereof).

I titled this as the truth about “The Big Lie,” because there is a big lie out there, a really big lie, but it is not what is being reported by virtually every media outlet, every Democrat leader and too many Republicans as well. We are all too familiar with this story. I have been reporting on it for now well over a year. To pick up many of the details review the reports I have published (found below on this page and the newsletter archives on the website).

Suffice it here to say that there is an overwhelming bank of evidence that the 2020 election was filled with fraud, particularly in the presidential swing states. Part of the really big lie is that Colorado’s voting system is called the “gold standard.” Colorado has been a leader in establishing a voting system that is ripe for fraud and abuse, with automatic voter registration, same day voter registration, all mail ballots, a totally opaque electronic voting system and bloated voter registration roles that in some cases exceed the number of possible voters that exist in each county.

Calling this absurd and dangerous voting system the “gold standard” is the Orwellian part of this really big lie. It is obvious that the really big lie is being promulgated by those who coined the terms “gold standard” and “The Big Lie.” Of course, they insist that anyone who questions the integrity of this flimsy system is buying into “The Big Lie.”

Here is a way to test the veracity of these competing claims: Who is calling for audits, transparency of all the facts and verification of the claims? Who wants all of this to be given a fair hearing in the courts? Who wants the election equipment vendors to open up their boxes and their computer codes? Who is trying to get this all out in the open and who is insisting that we just cover it up and move along?

Too much has already come out to think this will ever go away before it is completely settled. The time has come to verify the facts on both sides of the argument. We must have election integrity, with verified, repeatable, and robust accuracy of the real, live, legitimate voting citizens. Anyone who refuses to get this sorted out is promoting the really big lie.

Getting back to the resolutions, they were not just denying the evident fraud of the 2020 election, or only claiming that Colorado has the “gold standard.” The resolution was urging the U.S. Congress to pass Federal legislation which would force these systems on all 50 states. Fortunately that fell apart in Washington, and in Colorado we now know who supports this charade in the Colorado legislature.

Essentially the votes for the resolutions fell on party lines (the only exception was a senator who is not much more than Republican in name only). Several amendments were also proposed, where the votes tell much when looking at who voted for and against the amendments. If you want to study those details I invite you to click on the resolutions and look at the amendments and individual votes on the amendments.

I wrap this up with the observation that a large majority of Republicans, many unaffiliated and even a big chunk of Democrats know that our election systems are broken. The opportunity for fraud is obvious to anyone who fairly assesses the shallow security measures and the evidence of fraud is over whelming, for those who actually take the time to look at the evidence.

There is a really big lie out there and I think of it every time I hear someone claim there is no evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Look at all the facts and judge carefully. Our nation’s future depends upon it.

Congratulations to the Colorado governor for finally recognizing that the pandemic emergency is over! Late last week he declared it so on a Colorado Public Radio interview, which was widely reported nationwide. Finally the governor is admitting the emergency, with which he claimed legal authority to issue nearly 450 executive orders over the past 20 months, has passed …but did he really mean it? (more…)

The Claremont Institute has established a fund to pay the expenses for a federal lawsuit against the open primary system in Colorado. This is going through their Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, under the leadership of Dr. John Eastman.

To contribute go to and designate your donation to the Colorado Open Primary Constitutional Challenge Litigation Fund.  If all Colorado citizens  who think non-party voters should not be choosing party candidates gave something, we should be able to fund this critical need for honest and reliable primaries in Colorado.

                                                                            photo by K. Lundberg

On November 2, 2021 in a field near the Larimer County Health Department about 2,000 citizens gathered to protest the mandates from the health department. Many asked the director of the department to step down, not only because of the mandates, but also because of his chilling request to other Larimer County officials to remove a truck trailer with the words “Resist the Fascists” painted on its side. The trailer was on the private property where the protest was held.



I spoke briefly at the rally, when the snow was flying!

Following the rally four state legislators who represent parts of Larimer County sent a letter to the county commissioners asking that the director be removed from his position.

The letter reads:

November 1, 2021

Larimer County Commissioners:

By now, you’ve certainly seen the email from Tom Gonzales, the County’s Public Health Director. And I trust you’ve seen the legitimate debate that has ensued.

“It is clear that Mr. Gonzales attempted to use his government connections to quash the free speech rights of a local citizen. He clearly doesn’t understand the Constitutional limits that are placed on the government in order to protect the Natural Rights of the Citizens.

It is clear that Mr. Gonzales asked you to compromise your oath of office in order to bend the rules to remove the message on the trailer.

It is clear that Mr. Gonzales is unsuited for this office if he is so intimidated by the peaceful free speech of a private citizen.

The undersigned members of the Colorado General Assembly urge the County Commissioners to direct the Board of Health to immediately terminate Tom Gonzales as the Public Health Director. Larimer County deserves a thoughtful Director of Public Health that understands that the Rights of the Citizens do not end when his feelings are offended.

Senator Rob Woodward                     Minority Leader Hugh McKean

Senator Barb Kirkmeyer                     Representative Mike Lynch

The people of Larimer County have spoken loudly and clearly. It is now time for the county officials to take notice and follow the the will of We the People. It is time for We the People to continue to “…peaceably… assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The director of Public Health in Larimer County was caught on the county’s email system, which is available for all of the public to see, asking other county officials to get rid of a trailer, parked on private ground, with the slogan “Resist the Fascists.” Here is the actual email:


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The Public Health Director for Larimer County, Tom Gonzales, recently wrote an opinion column on COVID-19. His information on the impact the Delta variant has had on the current spread of the disease in the county is valid data which we all must consider. However, I have strong reservations with his solution, which is calling for “near universal vaccination.” This policy fails to consider all of the evidence and looks more like a commercial for the CDC’s tired and not-so-true line that vaccines are the only way out of this epidemic.

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